Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey everybody! Hope your Thanksgiving was smashing :D We've gotten quite a few questions/reviews over the weekend, and we're super stoked about it! Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it up and don't forget to tell your friends to listen to us! 

This time in Episode 14 we were awfully hopped up on sugar and caffeine ^_^; But daijoubuyo, we managed to crank out a super fun episode. We start off with a review of Youmacon 08, which was tremendous and good and we miss it (at least Nybor and myself). If you want to take a peek at the photos we took at the convention, check out my album on myspace: Youmacon 08 (You may have to be logged in to myspace to view it... *shrug*). We also recorded a *new* promo, which is still being edited. If you want the raw-uncut version, it's up on our myspace soundboard for your lol'ing pleasure. :]

Mostly I wanted to use this blog to show you guys clips of what we've reviewed, so here goes:

Nybor reviewed Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion!

"The world will be mine- I mean...a better place. Yeah. That." -Lelouch

C.C. and her pizza...

Vesna (that's meeee!) reviewed Drawn to Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition, but it's not worth screencaps without all the naughty pixel stuff you can draw lol

So, on to the Franken Fran goodness!

This is Fran! She's got big knuts!

Nasty gross caterpillar replacement body

And Sakana reviewed Outlaw Star! Remember that one all you toonamians?

Melfina is nekid!

Aisha is a catgirl who doesn't suck at life. In fact, she kicks ass.

Like what you see? Check them out! And tell us what you think. And if you'd like us to review anything, please send us your requests. We'll try the best we can to get that reviewed as soon as we can ^_^

For next time, expect a wrecking ball review of the Twilight movie (SPARKLE SPARKLE) as well as reviews of Battle Angel Alita, True Blood, and Banana Fish! Check ya lataz!



Canti said...

I was once samurai... now i'm just bonsai.

PurpleManlyMan said...

i want a new episode.... really bad.