Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome: A Humble Introduction!

Welcome to the Pop Rocks and Soda Podcast BlogSpot! Hoorah! Yes, we finally have a blogspot! Here you can find notes about the show, links to our other sites such as MySpace and Youtube, and plenty of other little goodies for you kids to check out!

If you haven't heard of us, we're Pop Rocks and Soda, a semi-new anime/entertainment podcast. Our cast members are NyboR, a Final Fantasy Fanatic and mortal enemy of Stephanie Meyer, Sakana; a hardcore Marvel nerd with a soft spot for anything magical girl, and Vesna; sweet on the outside but devious on the inside with her love of all things gore and blood! Together we combine our nerdtastic skills into one cracktastic podcast, with news fresh from the interwebs, interesting soundbytes, and of course, reviews of your favorite movies, animes, comics, mangas, and video games. Basically anything entertaining!

Want to hear something reviewed on the show? Simple! Either go to our myspace and message us your requests, or email us at (if you don't have a myspace) and we will get right on it!

So go on and subscribe to us on iTunes, or check out our feeds located on the sidebar of the blog, and leave us emails, messages, and iTunes reviews of your opinions on the show!

Thanks and keep on listening!

~The Pop Rocks and Soda Cast~